ZytoDot® and ZytoDot® 2CTM products are designed for the detection of aneuploidies, gene amplifications or gene deletions and translocations by Chromogenic in situ Hybridization (CISH) in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections, cell samples, blood or bone marrow smears, and metaphase chromosome spreads. The advantages of CISH are:

  • Simultaneous observation of tissue morphology and CISH signals
  • Quick and easy interpretation of results comparable to IHC
  • Storage of slides at room temperature - CISH signals are permanent
  • No costly fluorescence microscope needed

Method Description - ZytoDot® Zyto<em>Dot </em><sup>®</sup> Method Description
Single Color CISH for the Detection of Genomic Alterations

The ZytoDot® system uses Digoxigenin-labeled probes which are detected using a Mouse-anti-Digoxigenin antibody. This antibody is detected by a polymerized HRP-Goat-anti-Mouse antibody. The enzymatic reaction of DAB leads to the formation of strong permanent brown signals that can be visualized by light microscopy using a 40x objective.


Method Description - ZytoDot® 2CTM
2-Color CISH for the Detection of Genomic Alterations

Zyto<em>Dot </em><sup>®</sup> 2C Method Description

The ZytoDot® 2CTM system uses DIG- and DNP-labeled probe cocktails targeting different genomic sections which are detected using a Mouse-anti-DIG/Rabbit-anti-DNP cocktail. These antibodies are detected by a unique cocktail of polymerized HRP-Goat-anti-Mouse/AP-Goat-anti-Rabbit antibodies. The enzymatic reaction of AP-Red and HRP-Green leads to the formation of strong permanent red respectively green signals that can be visualized by light microscopy.


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